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Memory Support and Dementia Care

At Phoebe, our services are designed to meet the unique needs of our residents. That’s why we offer specialized memory support and dementia care, including Neurocognitive Engagement Therapy (NET), on each of our campuses, specifically created for individuals in the middle stages of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. These dedicated neighborhoods are designed to provide an optimal level of stimulation and support in a setting that encourages enjoyment and quality of life, while maximizing independence and ensuring safety. We offer seven dedicated memory support communities in Pennsylvania.

Recreating a Home-like Environment
As the regional leader in memory support services, we take pride in maintaining a home-like environment in our communities. We do our best to create a true home for each resident, caring about what “home” means to that specific person, while keeping safety in mind.

Activity and Engagement
Our energetic experts engage in a variety of strategies to learn about our residents’ history and preferences so that they can tailor specific activities to their hobbies and capabilities. Based upon these efforts, opportunities for meaningful activity can be created for the individual, which in turn helps to combat depression and isolation and promote quality of life.

At Phoebe, we recognize that it takes a special kind of person to provide excellent dementia care. We are committed to selecting, training, mentoring and monitoring our staff to ensure that they are well positioned to provide the level of excellence you and your loved one deserve. Phoebe provides all new clinical staff with eight hours of specialized dementia training upon orientation and four to eight hours of additional annual training, depending on the role. The training provided is designed to enhance the learning experience of the staff through interactive exercises, experiential opportunities for learning and group dialogue about the content.

Regardless of age, background, diagnosis or life history, quality of life for all people is based upon the quality and meaning of their relationships with others. Phoebe recognizes this fact, and so, has incorporated the important role of relationships into our Phoebe Dementia Care Philosophy.

Excellent Clinical Care
Phoebe is committed to providing exceptional medical, nursing and behavioral health care to our residents. We support and facilitate independent decision making, to the extent the resident is able, and work closely with family members to ensure that clinical interventions are consistent with the preferences and values of the resident.

Our goal is to provide a safe and secure–yet home-like–environment for our residents.   Creative uses of technology and research on environmental supports for individuals with dementia, in combination with clear policies informed by common sense, guide our efforts to ensure the safety of our residents with cognitive impairment.

Our Locations
Learn more about our dedicated neighborhoods for memory support by clicking the links below:

Phoebe Berks Village Gardens
The Cottage at Phoebe Richland
Bridgeways and Legacy Place at Phoebe Allentown
Phoebe Wyncote


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