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At Phoebe, we recognize how important it is for residents to have access to convenient care. Phoebe has an excellent medical staff consisting of primary care physicians, such as internists and family practice physicians, as well as specialists including podiatrists, dentists, eye doctors, audiologists, psychiatrists, and dermatologists. The physicians come to our Health Care Centers to see our residents. Furthering our services, we also offer Telehealth.

Through Phoebe’s award-winning TeleHealth Program, Phoebe residents can enjoy the convenience and confidentiality of virtual doctor’s visits with Lehigh Valley Health Network physicians. The use of a patient exam camera, two-way audio, and high definition photography/video equipment allow for timely, accurate, and innovative care.

Phoebe Allentown offers TeleHealth for wound care and Parkinson’s Disease treatment. Phoebe Berks offers TeleHealth for Parkinson’s Disease Treatment.

Benefits of TeleHealth:

  • Virtual visits allow for regular appointments and improved care.
  • Dr. Thomas Renaldo oversees the program and Phoebe’s staff has received specialized training for all aspects of the TeleHealth program.
  • As part of this program, the resident, family members, nurses, and therapists are interviewed prior to the TeleHealth session, allowing for the physician to receive a comprehensive picture of the resident’s progress. A licensed nurse is with the resident for the entire visit.
  • The program keeps our residents healthier. Outcomes seen at Phoebe include reduced re-admissions to hospitals, reduced overall health care costs, and improved outcomes for patients.
Learn more:
  • Phoebe Allentown: 610-794-5300
  • Phoebe Berks: 610-927-8512


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