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Independent Living:  Enjoy your greatest years in a maintenance-free home and a campus buzzing with active, independent living opportunities.
Personal Care: Similar to assisted living, it is the perfect choice for older adults who wish to live independently but may require additional support in their daily lives.
Skilled Nursing: Our highly skilled team is well-versed in a full range medical and nursing services for older adults.
Rehabilitation Services: Phoebe offers short-term and outpatient rehab services that help you regain optimal wellness.
Pathstones by Phoebe: A membership-based Life Care program providing guaranteed care in your home with personalized health and wellness plans, preservation of assets, and amenities in one convenient, comprehensive plan.
Comforting Home Care by Phoebe: Should you decide that your senior years are best spent in your own home, we provide private home care that helps reduce the stress of some more challenging daily tasks.
Spiritual Support: Phoebe’s comprehensive pastoral care program ensures that residents, family, and staff all have access to a variety of spiritual support services.
Senior Affordable Housing: Eight Phoebe senior apartment communities are offered within four counties for older adults with low-to-moderate incomes.
TeleHealth: An award-winning program that allows Phoebe residents to enjoy the convenience of virtual doctor’s visits with Lehigh Valley Health Network physicians.

Phoebe Pharmacy:  As a leader in comprehensive pharmacy services in seven Pennsylvania counties, Phoebe pharmacy specializes in finding solutions for each facility partner to provide the best care possible for all levels of continuing care.

Spirit Alive Worship Programming:  A specialized pastoral care program designed to reach individuals with dementia on a spiritual level, and provide them with a sense of emotional well-being and spiritual reassurance.