Mental Health Services and Support

Phoebe is unique among long-term care providers in their commitment to providing comprehensive behavioral health services and support to their residents. Phoebe has its own team of mental health professionals, including licensed psychologists, a licensed clinical social worker, and psychiatrists. In addition, Phoebe provides clinical training and supervision to graduate students interested in Geropsychology. These students in turn augment the mental health care provided to our residents.

Phoebe’s mental health team provides the following services to residents at all levels of care within Phoebe communities:

  • Assessment: A comprehensive assessment of the psychological, cognitive, and behavioral needs of residents is conducted for each new mental health client. The findings of this comprehensive assessment are utilized to create the mental health treatment plan and shared with the interdisciplinary care team. This ensures that physical and behavioral health care is well integrated.
  • Therapy: Individual, family, and group psychotherapy are available to individuals who can benefit from professional mental health support. Therapy services are based upon treatment goals established with the individual, and coordinated with other aspects of resident care through the care team. Issues related to adjustment, depression, anxiety, grief, and loss can all be effectively addressed through psychotherapy services provided by Phoebe’s mental health professionals.
  • Staff Development: In an effort to ensure that staff understand and respond well to the emotional and psychological needs of residents, ongoing education related to behavioral health in older adults is provided to Phoebe staff. This training may take many forms which may include: informal small group training, brief in-services offered to the care team, and formal staff development programs.
  • Community Care Teams: Several neighborhoods on each Phoebe campus utilize Community Care Teams (CCTs) to provide an interdisciplinary approach to meeting the psycho-social and behavioral needs of residents. CCTs are facilitated by a mental health professional and place a priority on the development of person-centered care planning, in order to ensure that the unique needs of each individual are addressed in a holistic manner.
  • MH Consultation Services: Not every resident is open to receiving mental health services directly, but the input and guidance of a mental health professional can still add value to the care of the patient. In these cases, mental health professionals are available to staff to provide clinical case consultation, guide behavioral intervention planning, and provide staff training. These consultative services are intended to enhance the understanding, skill, and insight of the staff as they support residents who have behavioral health needs.

For more information on these services, please call 610-794-MIND.