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Phoebe Institute on Aging

In 2001, Phoebe launched the Phoebe Institute on Aging, a forward-focused program aiming to provide forums for discussion and learning, including educational programs, cooperative ventures, and outreach activities designed to promote improved quality of life and care for the aging and their families.

The Phoebe Institute on Aging was created in recognition of more than a century of caring for older adults at Phoebe. Guided by a community advisory board and supported by community-staffed committees, the Phoebe Institute on Aging works diligently to engage with the greater community and to ensure the availability of expert and cutting-edge resources to continually improve service to the aging and their families.

Conferences held by the Phoebe Institute on Aging attract key figures in the disciplines and communities associated with aging services, including CEOs, legislators, and award-winning scholars. The Phoebe Institute on Aging has educated thousands of people over the past 20 years.


Click above to view a previous Phoebe Institute on Aging’s Keynote Address by Dr. Charlotte Yeh on The Effect of Artistic Expression in Older Adults. 

  • Sponsoring annual community events featuring notable speakers who present on topics related to quality of life and innovations in care for the aging
  • Establishing cooperative research and educational programs with local colleges and universities
  • Promoting partnerships within spiritual communities through sponsorship of educational programs for clergy and laypeople
  • Enhancing partnerships between healthcare providers, agencies, educators, students, and senior services professionals

Click here to review some of the speaker presentations at the latest Phoebe Institute on Aging Conference

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