Corporate Responsibilities

Phoebe CFO, Tom Baer, Phoebe Executive Director of Marketing and Community Relations, Kimberly Metz, Kelly Baer, and Phoebe Community Relations Coordinator Donna Schudel smile at the camera during the 2023 PIA Un-Gala.

Doing things for the right reason in the right way is the only way we want to do business at Phoebe Ministries.

Our reputation as an industry leader and a provider of high-quality care and services depends on each employee conforming to the highest professional standards. Phoebe is dedicated to keeping our resident affairs private and has adopted a code of conduct and privacy practices to ensure that goal.

Phoebe Ministries operates a Corporate Compliance Program and encourages employees to report practices violating our Code of Conduct to Candace Mason, Compliance Official, 610-794-5175.

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