Spiritual Support

Phoebe Ministries provides for the spiritual care of residents, family members, and staff through a comprehensive Pastoral Care program. Each campus has a dedicated chaplain. Spiritual support and counseling services are available to all, regardless of one’s personal beliefs or faith system.

Group of Phoebe residents and staff at the dedication of Moyer Hall in Phoebe Allentown.

Spiritual Support Includes:

  • Ecumenical worship opportunities
  • Daily devotionals and Bible study
  • Spiritual renewal programs
  • Life review
  • Bereavement and spiritual support groups
  • Pastoral counseling
  • Various programs and workshops designed for pastors and congregations
  • The Abiders program provides a spiritual presence for individuals who are actively dying.
  • Spirit Alive provides specialized Pastoral Care services designed for individuals in the mid-to-late stages of dementia.

We also offer resources for clergy members and congregations, such as informational packets, guest speakers, and community-based programs. Please contact us to learn more.

Pastoral Care Staff by Campus

Phoebe Ministries Director of
Pastoral Care & Education

Rev. Leah Knox

Phoebe Allentown
Rev. Albert Martin (HCC)

Rev. Chera Wertz (IL & PC)

Phoebe Berks
Rev. Traci Glover (IL & PC)

Rev. Strother Gross (HCC)

Phoebe Richland and Chestnut Ridge at Rodale
Rev. Christian Creyer (HCC)

Rev. Sherita Harris (PC)

Phoebe Wyncote
Rev. Patricia Cashman

PT Pool Chaplain
Rev. Jenny Smith

Phoebe’s Tradition of Pastoral Care

Phoebe Ministries began its dedication to senior care in 1903, when it was founded as a training center for deaconesses in the Reformed Church of the Lehigh Valley. Their mission was simple: to provide care and housing for older adults in need of charitable assistance. These deaconesses followed in the footsteps of Phoebe – the first deaconess, as told by Paul in his letter to the Romans – to serve the church and become helpers of many. Today, Phoebe is affiliated with the United Church of Christ (UCC). Phoebe is also an ACPE-accredited training center for chaplains. We are one of only ten such centers in a long-term care setting in the United States dedicated to the training and development of chaplains who are interested in serving the senior population.