Skilled Nursing FAQs

Here is a list of frequently asked questions about Phoebe’s Skilled Nursing facilities:

Q. How do I apply for admission to a Phoebe Health Care Center?
A. You may apply for admission to a Phoebe Health Care Center at any time by calling the Director of Admissions or by filling out an online admissions form. The director will meet with you, provide you with a tour, and explain our services and fees. Often individuals are admitted to our nursing Health Care Centers following a hospitalization or from their homes upon the advice of their physician. If you are hospitalized, the discharge planner, case manager, or social worker at the hospital will assist you in applying for admission at several nursing centers.

Q. Is there an entrance fee to enter a Phoebe Health Care Center?
A. No entrance fee is required for our Health Care Centers. You will be charged a monthly fee and for expenses directly related to your care. You will receive your first bill beginning the month following admission.

Q. Do I have to be a member of the United Church of Christ to be admitted to a Phoebe community?
A. No. Phoebe welcomes residents of all faiths. Phoebe Ministries is affiliated with the United Church of Christ, which is very supportive of our ecumenical ministry to senior adults.

Q. How is Phoebe Ministries paid for the services it provides residents of its Health Care Centers?
A. Phoebe’s business office sends an itemized monthly bill to whoever is managing your funds. If appropriate, Phoebe also submits requests for reimbursement to Medicare and supplemental insurance plans to cover the costs of the medical services it provides you. Any charge or portion of a charge not covered will appear on your monthly Phoebe bill.

Q. If I no longer have funds, will I have to leave Phoebe?
A. Phoebe Ministries offers financial assistance (Charitable Care) to residents who, through no fault of their own, become unable to pay the daily rates/additional charges that may be due under various living agreements. In order to qualify for Charitable Care, the resident must not have impaired his/her ability to meet financial obligations by transferring assets, other than in good faith and for value to meet ordinary and customary living expenses, and must not have materially misrepresented financial or other relevant information during the application and/or admission process or any other required disclosures. Further, the resident must provide adequate and timely information to Phoebe to justify consideration for Charitable Care and must apply for and utilize all governmental resources, programs, etc. which may be available to assist the resident in meeting housing and other living expenses. The resident and/or his or her representative must cooperate fully with this process. Charitable Care will be determined on a case by case basis and shall be offered provided that such subsidy can be granted without impairing Phoebe’s financial stability.

Q. As a resident, would I have to go out to see a doctor?
A. No, Phoebe has an excellent medical staff consisting of primary care physicians such as internists and family practice physicians, as well as specialists including podiatrists, dentists, eye doctors, audiologists, psychiatrists, and dermatologists. The physicians come to our Health Care Centers to see our residents.

Q. When can my friends and relatives visit?
A. Due to COVID, Phoebe may have to put restrictions for visitation in place. Please visit the Visitation Information page for updated guidelines, policies, and closings. Phoebe has an open visitation policy. Friends and relatives can visit anytime that is convenient. Phoebe welcomes visitors of all ages. Phoebe embraces the Circle of Life philosophy. Through the Circle of Life, Phoebe’s nursing communities strive to provide a natural and inviting environment that residents were accustomed to prior to moving into a nursing center. One of the ways in which we can achieve this setting is to welcome visitors of all ages, including children. It is not unusual to see a Brownie Troop, young children from area daycares, or even pets in any one of Phoebe’s Health Care Centers.

Q. Do you have special arrangements for residents with dementia or memory impairment?
A.  Phoebe operates seven dedicated memory support communities throughout our four Continuing Care Retirement Communities, all of which have achieved the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America’s Excellence in Care distinction. To date, the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America has awarded this distinction to 54 communities. Phoebe is the first organization in the country to achieve this distinction across all of its memory support communities. Phoebe was also the first organization in Pennsylvania to achieve this status, and currently operates seven of the fifteen communities statewide with the distinction.

Q. Do you have a waiting list?
A. At times there may not be an immediate opening available. When waiting lists exist, they vary from day to day. We try to accommodate applicants as promptly as possible. If your first Phoebe choice is unavailable, we may be able to temporarily place you in one of our other locations until a room becomes available at your preferred location.

Q. Does it help to have an application on file?
A. Yes, we strongly encourage individuals to have an application on file long before they need to be admitted. Contact admissions to receive a pre-admission form, which can speed up the admissions process should the need arise.

Q. What are the accommodations?
A. In most instances, your furnishings will include a bed, dresser, bedside table, and chair. A closet and bed linens will be provided. You may bring your own personal belongings as space permits. Televisions are not provided in all rooms but residents may bring their own.

Q. Will I have a roommate?
A. The types of rooms available vary and different rates apply. The majority of our accommodations are double occupancy. We have a limited number of single rooms available. Triple and quad rooms may also be offered.

Q. If I am a resident, can I leave the building?
A. Of course. Residents are encouraged to go out with their families or friends for dinner or an overnight stay. Our activities departments also have vans to take residents to outings in the community, luncheons at local restaurants, and drives through the countryside.

Q. May I smoke?
A. All of Phoebe’s residential facilities are smoke-free.

Q. Where may I keep my valuables?
A. Phoebe provides safekeeping of valuables through the Social Services Department. We encourage you to leave excess amounts of money, jewelry, or other valuables with a trusted family member or friend.