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Specialized Memory Care Physical Rehabilitation

Phoebe’s specialized memory care physical rehabilitation is a rehab program which was created at Phoebe and is designed for individuals with dementia to incorporate their abilities, interests and preferences in their rehabilitation.

Montessori techniques, life review and preferred tasks and activities that are familiar and enjoyable for the patient are used to personalize the therapy experience. Phoebe’s specialized memory care program incorporates best practices in rehabilitation with a creative, individualized approach to care that supports engagement, enjoyment and improvement for our short term rehabilitation patients.

How does it work?
Our specialized memory care physical rehab program is designed to incorporate Montessori techniques, and begins with a life review and identifies functional tasks and activities that are familiar and enjoyable for the patient. For example, a gentleman may have enjoyed playing soccer in younger years, so instead of asking him to do repetitive leg lifts in the gym, the therapist might roll a soccer ball for him to kick. This activity serves as a creative and functional mechanism for strengthening his legs. If a patient was a musician earlier in life, therapists would focus his or her therapy on familiar movements related to playing an instrument.

Key components:
• Rehabilitation professionals who are trained in this rehab model and incorporate creative, individualized techniques into the short term rehabilitation process to increase engagement and improve function.
• Specially trained staff who understand the challenges of memory loss and other cognitive changes and have the skills to effectively support individuals with cognitive loss.
• Coordinated care by an interdisciplinary team committed to helping individuals with memory loss to recover, so that they can return to their home settings.
• Opportunities for socialization and activity throughout the day, so that patients are meaningfully engaged in a manner that supports recovery and enjoyment.
• Availability of a mental health professional to offer support when needed and provide guidance to the care team as they motivate and encourage individuals experiencing cognitive loss.
• A small, comfortable environment designed to support the needs and interests of individuals with memory loss and other cognitive changes.

Why Phoebe for specialized memory care physical rehab?
Phoebe’s specialized memory care physical rehab has been empirically proven to improve rehabilitation outcomes for individuals with cognitive impairment.

For more information about Phoebe’s specialized memory care physical rehab program, please call 610-794-MIND. 


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