Phoebe Ministries is committed to providing an ethical environment for health care education and decision-making. We value the autonomy of our residents and want to support them in making decisions about their health care options.

Each of the health care communities maintains an Ethics Committee. Phoebe Ministries values the dialogue among staff, trustees, community members, and residents and their families concerning health care decisions.

The Ethics Committees provide education, consultation, and support to residents and families who are dealing with difficult health care decisions, advance directives, or other matters.

Our committees include key staff, community members, chaplains, lawyers, ethicists, social workers, physicians, and trustee representatives.

Their goal is to provide a place where open, honest communication may occur that keeps the best interests of the residents and their values, needs, and directives at the forefront.

For more information about the Ethics Committees, please contact:

Rev. Leah Knox
[email protected]