Phoebe Donors Gather for An Afternoon of Warm Weather and Wine

The sun shone across the grape fields of Kutztown’s Folino Estate Winery on Wednesday, May 29, as Phoebe supporters gathered at its rustic dining hall for an afternoon of elegant wines and delicious food.

The event continues Phoebe’s tradition of holding regularly scheduled donor appreciation events to thank donors more meaningfully. The venue changes yearly, but the goal remains the same: to give thanks.

Those in attendance represented Phoebe’s most generous supporters and belong to one or more tiers of support. These tiers included the 1903 Club (those who have continuously donated over five years), the Century Circle donors (those who have donated over $1,000 a year), and the Legacy Society (those who have left Phoebe in their will or trust). Pathstones by Phoebe members were also in attendance.

Over 100 attendees were treated to complimentary wine tastings, a specialty drink, a buffet lunch, and delectable desserts. With the season of spring gracing the event with one of its most picturesque days of the year, guests moved in and out of the building’s common areas to enjoy both the weather.

As a jazz guitarist set the mood by plucking away in the corner of the room, guests mingled and talked about their shared passion for charitable senior care.

Once everyone got settled in, Phoebe President & CEO Scott Stevenson, Executive Director of Philanthropy Janet Hines, and Executive Director of Pathstones by Phoebe Lisa Hoffman took turns addressing the audience.

The three presenters gave brief updates on recent Phoebe-related developments and how our donors have helped fuel vital projects. The most notable of these topics were the recent grand opening of Chestnut Ridge at Rodale, developments regarding the newly acquired Jesuit Center in Berks, and a growing number of Pathstones members.

Each speaker emphasized that the graciousness of Phoebe’s regular donors is what helps maintain crucial day-to-day operations at their award-winning quality.

Scott Stevenson revealed that Phoebe provided $18 million in charitable care in the 2023 fiscal year, a substantial increase from 2008’s $5.2 million.

As the day came to a close, guests were encouraged to write personalized notes to Phoebe residents on all four campuses with cards featuring original art by Phoebe Berks resident Christine Bristol. Phoebe residents had previously expressed great gratitude for receiving this type of mail in the past, and this event was deemed the perfect moment to coordinate spreading this kindness en masse.

Reflecting on the importance of the event, Janet Hines said, “The appreciation lunch is much more than a thank-you gesture; it is a cornerstone event that supports the entire ecosystem of our Phoebe community. It ensures that we can continue to support our seniors while building a strong, supportive network of donors who are invested in our mission. For long-term donors, especially our Legacy Circle donors who have supported Phoebe for more than 20 years, this is an opportunity to celebrate their dedication and commitment.”

For the opportunity to attend future donor events while supporting vital senior care across the Lehigh Valley and beyond, please consider becoming a monthly donor to Phoebe Ministries by visiting

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