Study Proves Social Media Increases Cognition

A recent study published by McKnight’s Long Term Care shows that being trained in social media increases nursing home residents’ cognition. As an innovator, Phoebe began providing social media training over a year ago for our Independent Living residents who had the desire to expand their online engagement and understanding at Phoebe Allentown. The McKnight’s study which was published in December of 2014 reinforced our investment in seniors’ usage of technology to aid in healthy aging. The investigators found that, compared to a control group, the study participants who were between 60 and 95 years old displayed improved cognition, a greater sense of self-competence and self-identity, and were more socially engaged.

Phoebe employees continue to offer social media training for residents. Additionally, employees from Phoebe’s Marketing and Institutional Advancement office will lead a “Social Media for Seniors” breakout session at the upcoming 10th Annual Upper Bucks Forum on Aging. The event is a program of the Phoebe Institute on Aging. The Upper Bucks Forum is on May 7th at Quakertown UCC. For more information on the event, please visit and click on the Event Calendar.