Phoebe Institute on Aging Conference

2024 Phoebe Institute on Aging Conference

Phoebe Institute on Aging (PIA) Conference, Compassion in Action, held on Thursday, April 18, at DeSales University. The conference will examine how compassionate care can support goals like workforce well-being, long-term care resident and patient experience, safety, quality, and innovation, as well as additional content to support caregivers and leaders during this challenging time.

Registration for the 2024 PIA Conference is now closed. Please call 610-794-5132 or email [email protected] for questions and more information.

Conference Information

Through interactive, experiential sessions with experts from diverse care settings and communities, this innovative conference focuses on fostering compassionate leaders across all healthcare professions and roles. Participants will leave the conference with the knowledge & skills to improve care quality and outcomes, resident/patient experience, and workforce well-being through compassion and collaboration.

Participants will learn how healthcare organizations worldwide are improving quality, lowering costs, and strengthening patients’ and providers’ experiences using compassionate, collaborative care. Our vision is to form a powerful community where every participant plays an integral role in sharing ideas, stimulating new thinking, and provoking the change that will better our healthcare system.

Conference Objectives:

  1. Empathy & Compassionate Care – the effects not only on the patient but also the caregiver
  2. Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion – Compassionate and inclusive conversations
  3. Economics & the Ethics of Healthcare

6 CEU credits have been approved for the PA State Board of Nursing, NASW-PA, NAB, and NCCAP.

2024 Conference Brochure

Stephen Trzeciak, MD, MPH
Keynote Speaker

“Compassionomics and the Wonder Drug” is the Revolutionary Scientific Evidence that CARING Makes a Difference.

Stephen Trzeciak, MD, MPH, is a physician scientist, professor, clinical researcher, intensivist (specialist in intensive care medicine), and co-author of “Compassionomics: The Revolutionary Scientific Evidence that Caring Makes a Difference” (2019), and “Wonder Drug: 7 Scientifically Proven Ways That Serving Others Is the Best Medicine for Yourself.” 

Trzeciak, the Chair of Medicine at Cooper Medical School of Rowan University, the Chief of Medicine at Cooper University Health Care, and TEDx Penn presenter of “How 40 Seconds of Compassion Could Save a Life,” will explore eye-opening data reflecting that compassion could be a wonder drug for the 21st Century.

You will see compelling evidence that:

  • Compassion has vast benefits for patients across a wide variety of conditions
  • Missed opportunities for compassion can have devastating health effects
  • Compassion can help reverse the cost crisis in health care
  • Compassion can be an antidote for burnout among health care providers
  • Forty seconds of compassion can save a life

About the Phoebe Institute on Aging

The PIA promotes improved quality of life and care for the aging and their families. The Institute is well-known for its innovative educational programs, cooperative ventures, and outreach activities.

Phoebe Ministries is able to provide this educational conference thanks to the continued support of our sponsors and donors. Please consider supporting Phoebe by clicking the link below. Thank you.

PIA 2023 PIA Conference

We Rise Together: Seniors Rebound with Resilience and Hope

On April 27, 2023, the Phoebe Institute on Aging (PIA) held its annual conference at DeSales University. More than 150 attendees enjoyed an inspirational talk by International Boxing Hall of Fame member and former WBA lightweight champion Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini. Using examples from his life, Ray explained what it takes to chase after a dream and how to face, contend with, and overcome any obstacle.

The conference offered morning and afternoon sessions that examined resiliency in older adults and reviewed clinician and practitioner strategies that promote wellness in senior citizens.

Thank you to the PIA Committee members and speakers for making the 2023 PIA Conference a valuable resource for those who serve our aging population. We also thank our lunch sponsor, Geisinger, and our session sponsor, Leavitt Group-Webber Advisors, for their generous donations.

Photos from the 2023 PIA Conference

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