Phoebe’s President and CEO Scott Stevenson Appointed to LeadingAge PA Board of Directors

Adam Marles, President & CEO of LeadingAge PA, and Scott Stevenson, President/CEO of Phoebe Ministries

Phoebe Ministries proudly announces the appointment of Scott Stevenson, President/CEO, to the Board of Directors of LeadingAge PA. For the past 13 years, Stevenson has been responsible for the operations of all entities, subsidiaries, partnerships, and programs at Phoebe Ministries. Stevenson also serves as President of Phoebe Ministries’ Reciprocal Risk Retention Group. Prior to Phoebe Ministries, Stevenson was Chief Financial Officer of Graduate Hospital, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and before that served as Vice President of Financial Operations for Diakon Lutheran Social Ministries. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and an MBA in Healthcare Systems Management.

“I admire LeadingAge PA’s commitment to advocacy and fostering state-wide transformation in senior health care,” says Stevenson. “Phoebe Ministries’ vision is similar. We are always looking for innovations to help us promote fullness of life for all ages. I am excited for this opportunity to work with the Board of Directors and Leadership Team to help LeadingAge PA carry these values forward.”

A statewide association, LeadingAge PA represents premium providers of long-term care services and supports for seniors throughout Pennsylvania. Founded in 1963, LeadingAge PA represents over 365 nonprofit providers of senior housing, healthcare, and other community services. LeadingAge PA advocates on behalf of members, ensuring they have the necessary tools to provide seniors with the quality of life they deserve. Adam Marles, CEO of LeadingAge PA shared, “It’s a pleasure to welcome Scott to the board. I know firsthand from previously working with him that he cares deeply for senior living, and he brings a strong financial background to the table.”

Phoebe Ministries has proudly been a longtime member of LeadingAge PA. As Stevenson sits on the Board of Directors, he will continue to foster the relationship between Phoebe and LeadingAge PA.