Phoebe Services Pharmacy Becomes First in Nation To Earn Its PointClickCare Integrated Medication Management Certification

ALLENTOWN, PA – May 15, 2015 Two Phoebe Services Pharmacy staff members are the first in the country to become PointClickCare Integrated Medication Management certified pharmacy partner trainers. Michelle Posch and Hardik Patel are clinical nurses employed by Phoebe Services Pharmacy, a comprehensive pharmacy service provider for long term care facilities in six Pennsylvania counties. In addition to staff and clinical pharmacists, Phoebe Services Pharmacy employs clinical Nurses, such as Posch and Patel, who implement rollouts with expertise in software management and the practical knowledge of the day to day duties of nurses caring for senior adult residents.

With this certification, Phoebe’s staff members are qualified to train customers the same way PointClickCare staff trains customers. In order to achieve this certification, Posch and Patel attended a live customer training, passed a test on the material, performed a formal train back with evaluation by a PointClickCare trainer, and conducted a live, client-facing training with an evaluation by a PointClickCare trainer.

At the end of this process, both Posch and Patel earned their PointClickCare IMM trainer certification, and are officially approved by PointClickCare to train integration clients. As members of PointClickCare’s partner community, they have access to information about software updates and new products.

The goal of Phoebe Services Pharmacy is to ensure efficient, consistent and quality services to the residents in our care. Phoebe Services Pharmacy streamlines the documentation process by utilizing a central source to document medications. Resident specific user friendly multi-dose strip packaging is utilized for safe and accurate dispensing of prescriptions while minimizing medication waste. Phoebe Services Pharmacy is a non-profit entity. Revenue generated from pharmacy operations is purposed towards the charitable missions of the parent organization, Phoebe Ministries.