Phoebe Ministries’ Charitable Care Levels Highlighted in Nursing Home Funding Video

Phoebe Ministries’ dedication to their mission and resident care was highlighted in WFMZ’s article and video titled “Funding Problems Loom for Local Nursing Homes”. Last year, Phoebe Ministries provided almost $11 million in unreimbursed nursing care to our residents. This number represents a one year increase of 32% and illustrates the dedication Phoebe has for caring for the greatest generation. Phoebe’s unprecedented increase in charitable care programming allows residents to receive uncompromised care and fullness of life at Phoebe..

Downward trends in governmental reimbursement and the increased cost of healthcare factor into the rising numbers of charitable care. A clear demonstration of Phoebe’s enduring legacy of care and compassion, it means that we can continue to ensure fullness of life to every resident, no matter his or her economic status. Last years’ dollar amount is the highest level of charity and benevolence provided in our 110-year history. “Phoebe plays a critical role in the lives of the senior members of our community. Not only do Phoebe’s caregivers foster a wonderful environment for sustaining the quality of life for residents, but Phoebe’s charitable ministry creates peace of mind for its residents,” says Scott Stevenson, President and CEO.