Phoebe Launches Terrace Patio Project

For residents living at the Terrace at Phoebe Allentown, enjoying the outdoors is an important part of everyday life. But with no dedicated outdoor space for Terrace functions and family gatherings, residents find it difficult to fully appreciate their pleasant surroundings.

Phoebe is launching an exciting new project to remedy this. With the help of private donations, Phoebe will build a new patio alongside the Terrace to bring higher quality of life to residents.

Located adjacent to the existing covered walkway, the 740-square-foot patio will allow residents to enjoy a picnic with family members, a cook-out with fellow residents, or a quiet afternoon with a good book—all while delighting in the warm summer sunshine.

The patio area will include a built-in grill, seating for approximately 40-50 people, lighting for evening events, elegant stonework, ample shade cover, and native plants and lush greenery.

Phoebe has received leadership gifts from a number of donors in support of the project and construction will begin when we reach the fundraising goal of $70,000.

If you’re interested in supporting Phoebe Terrace projects or campaigns, contact Molly Driscoll at 610-794-5163 or [email protected].