Phoebe Berks Residents Find New Homes for Donated Items

“She’s been doing this kind of Peddler’s Shop every place we’ve lived,” says Jim Angert of his wife, Tess. It is common for Tess to work diligently in their apartment while organizing recently donated items for the Phoebe Berks re-sale store. “It’s a lot of work but I enjoy it,” she says.

Robin Staudt, Administrative Assistant at Phoebe Berks who has worked on the campus for twenty years says of the Angert’s, “Jim and Tess have been extremely faithful and committed in their work relating to receiving, organizing and supervising the sale of donated items to the Peddler Shop for many years.”

The Angerts met during World War II when Jim was on leave and visited the Carnegie Library in his hometown of Pittsburgh. Tess worked at the library, which was just across the street from her family home. The rest, as the Angerts say, is history.

After living in many towns in New York and Pennsylvania due to Jim’s position as an engineer with the railroad, the pair fell in love with the cottages in the early days of the Berks campus and moved to Berks County in 1993. “We liked the people the most,” Tess says of their move to Phoebe. “They are the nicest neighbors.”