Mary Jane Fisher Donates over $1.1 Million to Phoebe Bridgeways and Allen Way

Gift designated for staffing

Mary Jane Fisher has made an indelible mark at Phoebe. Through her estate, she made a $1.1 million gift to benefit the organization after her passing in March 2016. At Mary Jane’s request, the donation will help support staffing on Bridgeways and Allen Way. This gift recognizes the role great staff plays in taking care of our residents and making Phoebe a place they are happy to call home. It’s not every day that Phoebe receives a gift of this magnitude, and we are very excited about the possibilities this gift presents.

Ms. Fisher’s passion was making sure her friends were well cared for

Mary Jane had plenty of friends here at Phoebe. She was a resident at the Terrace since 2009, and one of her favorite activities was playing bridge with her friends and neighbors. She also had many dear friends that lived on Bridgeways and Allen Way. Mary Jane was a devout Christian who was extremely concerned about helping others. It was important to her to visit and check-in on her friends often. While doing so, Mary Jane always recognized the hard work of the staff in caring for her friends. According to her attorney, Linda Noonan, “When she began making her estate plans, she knew she wanted to support staffing at Phoebe – specifically for Bridgeways and Allen Way.”

Mary Jane had an enormous heart. She was the type of person everyone wanted to be around and was so full of life. We are honored that such a wonderful woman entrusted us to be good stewards of her last gift.

Planned gifts allow donors to provide for family and Phoebe

Each year, many forward-thinking individuals include Phoebe in their estate plans. Phoebe is so fortunate to have wonderfully generous donors who include us in their will, as a beneficiary of a trust or a life insurance policy or even as a beneficiary of their IRA. There are so many gift options and, most importantly, ways to provide for your family and loved ones as well as Phoebe. This generosity allows us to better plan for Phoebe’s future and the needs of our residents.