Longtime Volunteer Honored at Phoebe Allentown

A “Very Rarich Day” was held in May to celebrate and honor the memory of longtime Phoebe volunteer, Mary Rarich, who passed away in March. Rarich was an active volunteer at Phoebe Allentown for over 48 years. She first became involved with Phoebe through the Red Cross in 1968.

One of Mary’s earliest tasks as a volunteer was making residents’ beds at Phoebe Home. In the years to follow, she led a community project group, did shopping errands for residents, assisted with physical therapy, read to residents, and helped with arts and crafts.

She most recently was a volunteer in the Community Life and Volunteer Departments and even continued her involvement after becoming a resident of the David A. Miller Building. Joan Wickel, Director, Community Life, fondly recalls when she first began working at Phoebe, “Mary showed me how things were done.” The two continued to have a great rapport and friendship.

When Rarich was recognized for forty years of service, she wrote about why she volunteered for so many years. “Just a hug, a smile, a soft touch or a few words of love and comfort go a long way. As I reached out to the residents these many years, my own life has been richly blessed. I thank God that He led me to Phoebe to serve others. He gave me the health and strength to serve others. I truly believe that I got back much more than I gave!”

A “Very Rarich Day” celebrated Rarich’s legacy with her friends, fellow volunteers, and Phoebe staff. Mary’s son, David was presented with a plaque recognizing her with the “Phoebe Volunteer Faithful Service Award”.