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likeFamilies and friends of Phoebe Ministries
are increasingly benefiting from multiple interactive social media sources of information from Phoebe. Through our social media plan, Phoebe is making real-time, up-to-the-minute engagement available for anyone who wants to follow
the dynamic happenings at any Phoebe campus or organization-wide. Facebook pages, a LinkedIn company page and a YouTube channel offer rich sources of information.

The Phoebe Ministries organization-wide Facebook page provides general Phoebe-specific and industry-specific information, discussions and news. It is also an interactive tool servicing our communities. Paula Fandel, a social service worker at Phoebe Allentown often engages with posts on the corporate Facebook page. “I find that our social media is a great resource for family, friends, volunteers and staff to follow events that occur at Phoebe. It’s especially helpful for family members who live out of town. It is a tool that can keep them connected on what’s happening with their loved ones at Phoebe.”

According to the Business Insider, “The 45–54 age bracket using Facebook has significantly grown, increasing by 45 percent since the end of 2012.” A tool provided by Facebook called Facebook Page Insights shows that on the organization-wide Facebook page, the highest percentage of engaged users (liking, commenting or sharing our posts) has been people ages 45 to 54, which is an important age group for Phoebe’s communications efforts. Additionally, the page has been successful in engaging our primary audience, with the highest percentage of fans between the ages of 55 and 64. Phoebe offers specific pages for Phoebe Allentown, Phoebe Berks, Phoebe Richland, and Phoebe Wyncote as well. These Facebook pages are used to share touching pictures from community-specific events, recognize staff and volunteers for their hard work, share organizational announcements, notify friends and families of events and provide advice from our experts.

The Phoebe Ministries YouTube channel features videos from Phoebe’s educational conferences as well as videos to highlight Phoebe’s services. Keynotes from the last three Phoebe Institute on Aging conferences are available for free, so anyone can watch and learn. “We want to provide as much information about senior issues as possible, and YouTube allows us to do that efficiently and effectively,” says Brynn Buskirk, Director of Marketing and Community Relations. Most recently, a Phoebe Ministries company LinkedIn page was created, allowing employees to add Phoebe as their employer on their personal LinkedIn profiles. In the future, Phoebe’s YouTube and LinkedIn presence will grow in scope and content.

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