DesignPoint Recognizes Frontline Workers in Lieu of 25th Anniversary Celebration

DesignPoint2020 is an exciting year for DesignPoint, marking its 25th anniversary as a full-service interior architecture and design firm in Bethlehem.  The company had made plans to celebrate this milestone, but those plans changed with the onset of COVID-19.

In lieu of an anniversary celebration, DesignPoint Founder & President, Les McCoy and his team decided to support frontline workers at five long-term care communities they have worked with over the years, including Phoebe.  All fifteen DesignPoint employees made 230 gift bags that were delivered to Phoebe’s Allentown campus for our Heroes Recognition week.  The gift bags were filled with wonderful treats and were greatly appreciated by Phoebe staff.

Les McCoy commented on DesignPoint’s donation saying, “I am glad that we could do something to support Phoebe’s frontline workers.  Phoebe was one of the first non-profits that our company was involved with.  I like the way they do things, and appreciate the staff’s dedication to the seniors that live there.  The more I get involved, the more impressed I am with Phoebe. They truly want what is best for their residents.”

Many thanks to Les and the DesignPoint team for recognizing Phoebe Heroes!

Click here to check out a message from Les to learn more about DesignPoint’s 25th anniversary celebration!