Connecting Hearts with Zoom Video Calls

As we navigate through this difficult time, Phoebe is more determined than ever to not only protect the health and well being of our residents, but also find safe and creative ways they can spend time with their friends and family.

To combat the social isolation due to the current pandemic, Phoebe is now offering Zoom sessions to virtually connect residents with their loved ones! Friends and family members of residents can fill out a forms on our website to schedule a date and time for a face-to-face video call with a resident on all four Phoebe campuses!

Phoebe Allentown Zoom 
Phoebe Berks Zoom
Phoebe Richland Zoom 
Phoebe Wyncote Zoom 

Those wishing to use Zoom to video call their loved ones at Phoebe will need to have their own devices with video and internet capabilities (desktop or laptop with a camera, a tablet, or smartphone). We’ve included instructions for use on multiple types of devices, and staff members will facilitate the virtual meetings between residents and their friends and family.

Now more than ever, we are working to make connecting with loved ones easier for everyone, with the hope that we can continue this new communication system in the future in additional to traditional communication. Click the links above to schedule your zoom call today!