Resident Communications

Phoebe Ministries is committed to helping residents stay in touch with loved ones and participate in campus activities and hobbies. To support that mission, we use various technologies and approaches to strengthen resident’s connection to loved ones and interests.

Phoebe offers free-use Internet lounges, adaptive devices, coaches, and classes designed to teach seniors how the Internet can enrich lives.

Phoebe TV
Campus activities are broadcast directly to each resident’s television set.

Phoebe Telephone System
Phoebe Allentown operates its telephone service, which links the Phoebe communities. This enables users to call within these areas and any number local to them without incurring long-distance charges.

Residents can use the Phoebe Telephone System as their local telephone provider and benefit from the wide local service area. Telephone feature options available for subscribers of the Phoebe Telephone Service include:

  • Voice Mail Service
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Forwarding
  • Caller ID
  • Second Telephone Line

For more information regarding the Phoebe Telephone System, please call 610-794-5053.