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Adult Day Services

Tranquility Place at Phoebe Berks Village
Our Adult Day Program provides services to meet each individual’s needs by focusing on the mind, body, and spirit of participants. Tranquility Place offers safe and secure accommodations that allow family members and caregivers the time to pursue a career, participate in hobbies and personal activities, run errands, or simply enjoy a well-earned respite time. Specialized programs and specific activities for individuals living with Alzheimer’s and other dementia-related diseases are personalized to serve participants’ interests, abilities, and attention spans to maximize the functional independence of each person.

Each day’s routine and special highlights are planned to enrich the lives of elders whose capacities have changed. We encourage the use of remaining memory and increasing physical capacities by providing programs that support dignity, capability, and safety in a familiar, comfortable environment.

Why Tranquility Place?

  • Allows seniors to continue to live at home while participating in a day program.
  • Provides socialization and stimulation to greatly add to the quality of life for people who might otherwise be isolated, lonely, or depressed.
  • Provides relief to family members in a safe environment.
  • Cost-effective alternative to home care or 24-hour Personal Care.
  • Flexible schedule which includes half-day and full-day attendance.

Services Offered:

  • Home-cooked meals and snacks
  • Specialized diets and nutritional counseling
  • Spa Services
    • Whirlpool Baths
    • Showers
    • Shaves
    • Foot Care
    • Nail Care
    • Grooming
  • Montessori Based Activity Program for those with dementia
    • Builds self-esteem by focusing on meaningful tasks that provide a sense of accomplishment
  • On-Site Barber and Beautician Services
  • Medication Management
  • Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy
  • On-Site Podiatry Services
  • Exercise Programs
    • Strength and Balance Training to prevent falls
  • Life Skills
    • Dressing
    • Bathing
    • Eating
    • Continence Management
  • Spiritual and Chaplain Support to participants and families
  • Family Support and Education

Amenities Available:

  • Beautiful outdoor areas and walking paths within a safe and secure area
  • Formally scheduled and informal person-centered activities that include:
    • Music
    • Art
    • Cooking and Baking
    • Storytelling
    • Current Events
    • Optional Pet Visiting Program
    • Gardening
    • Day Trips and Outings
  • Country-Kitchen Dining that provides relaxed meals with fresh aromas and home style recipes
  • Caring, highly qualified staff committed to meeting each participants special needs
  • Family and Caregiver Support groups, Education and Training
  • Resource Room and Library
  • Sensory/Quiet Space for relaxation
  • Celebrations: Holiday, Family and Spiritual
  • Extended Hours


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