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Resident Artist Shares Her Talent with the Phoebe Wyncote Community

Published on October 24, 2017

Phoebe encourages residents to pursue their passions. Whether that activity is woodworking, gardening, training seeing eye dogs, or sculpting, residents at all of our communities have unique hobbies and skills in which they continue to engage.

Phoebe Wyncote independent living resident Henrietta “Heni” Edelschein, is a talented sculpture artist. She even donated some of her work to be displayed in common areas at Phoebe Wyncote, including a beautiful sculpture she titled “Opera Singer” that graces the chapel. “I made the piece to look interesting from every angle, so if you spin it, you get a unique view from each side,” says Edelschein.

Phoebe Wyncote is thankful to have talented artists like Edelschein share her work with the campus, adding to the personal atmosphere of the community.

Look for more information on Edelschein and other Phoebe artists in the upcoming Winter Messenger!


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