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Twila has a Sweet 104th Birthday!

Published on June 20, 2023

Twila Reber, a beloved Phoebe Berks resident of almost 30 years, received hundreds of Tastykakes for her 104th birthday.

When Phoebe Berks Community Life lead Alexandria “Lexi” Hull asked her longtime friend and Phoebe resident Twila what she wanted for her 104th birthday on May 17th, Twila simply said, “Tastykakes…any kind! I love them all!”

Lexi jumped into action on the Phoebe Berks Facebook page, posting, “We would like to present Twila with 104 Tastykake packs on her birthday!” The post was shared more than 400 times, reaching over 70,000 people.

To get the ball rolling, Tastykake, a favorite Philadelphia brand since 1914, started by sending a case of their famous Butterscotch Krimpets. Cupcakes, honey buns, donuts, and other assorted boxes of treats arrived daily in the weeks leading up to Twila’s birthday.

This landmark birthday story, however, is not just about Tastykakes, but also about the enormous love that the Phoebe community has for Twila. In 1993, when Twila moved onto the continuing care retirement community campus, Phoebe Berks was only one year old. At a young 74 years old, Twila immediately began volunteering, including serving her fellow seniors with daily visits and comforting those less fortunate.

Employees like Robin Staudt, who has worked at Phoebe Berks since it opened in 1992, remember Twila opening her home to fellow employees during a crippling overnight snowstorm. “She even made cookies and passed them out to the staff working during the storm!” said Staudt.

Twila, still known for her quick wit and sharp sense of humor, was surprised by the amount of Tastykakes that the Phoebe Community Life team presented her with on her birthday. They even made a cake out of the delicious treats!

Following her birthday, Twila visited her friends and neighbors throughout Phoebe Berks, sharing her overabundance of treats with the campus. Happy Birthday, Twila!


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