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Phoebe Allentown Staff Create Group Artwork

Published on January 31, 2017

On November 16, staff on the Phoebe Allentown campus came together to create a group art project called “Coloring our World with Thanks.” Five wire panels were used to frame a weaving comprised of multi-colored strips of plastic where each participants wrote how they exemplified a particular value in their job.

“It was a great day and the thought and attention that individuals put into the weaving was impressive,” says Mary Kay McMahon, Vice President of Healthcare Services at Phoebe. “The color variation tells you the values everyone felt were most important to them.”

The woven panels are now on display in front of the gift shop in Phoebe Allentown as a collaborative art installation. “The panels look amazing all together and are now a visual representation of our Faith in Action values,” adds McMahon.

Phoebe’s seven organizational Faith in Action values are Compassion – red, Respect – purple, Integrity – blue, Fruits of the spirit – white, Ethical conduct – yellow, Stewardship – green, and Accountability – orange.



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