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From our Phoebe Experts: Keep Your Feet Pain Free for a Lifetime of Activity

Published on May 8, 2014

By Ann Anderson, M.D.
Phoebe Allentown Podiatrist

It’s true – your body changes over time and your feet do, too. Your feet are meant to last you a lifetime and that means that they should not hurt!  Foot pain is not normal at any age. Yes, as we age our feet are susceptible to many conditions. But that should not stop us from caring for them in the best way possible to maintain an active lifestyle. Our feet are important especially in these modern times where demands on our feet have escalated due to a longer life expectancy and the desire to maintain independence. Your foot doctor can assist you with a lifetime of care for your feet.

Your bones and joints are susceptible to wear and tear. This is the initial factor in the start of osteoarthritis.  Arthritis is a condition caused by the use of your bones and joints and the overuse of these structures can lead pain in your joints. Osteoarthritis can be treated with padding, balancing orthotics (shoe inserts) and change in shoegear. These simple changes may make a world of difference when you are having foot pain. Early care will limit the progression and may reduce the chance of surgery.

Additionally, as we age the fat cushion on the bottom of the foot either thins or moves from underneath the bones such that you can start to experience pain in the ball of the foot with every step. This condition may be treated with padding, orthotics or different shoes. There are some very simple treatments that are effective at treating what seems like a big problem.

There are also medical concerns that can make foot care very important as we age. Over one million people are diagnosed with Diabetes each year in the United States. The American Diabetes Association recommends yearly foot exams for patients with Diabetes. Diabetes can affect the nerves to your feet and your circulation. This is why Diabetes is one of the leading causes of lower extremity amputations. It is well known that Diabetic patients who are under the care of a podiatrist and are seen on a regular basis have a lower risk of infections, ulcerations and amputations.

It is important to keep your feet healthy at any stage of your life to maintain your activity. Make your foot doctor a partner in your health.

Dr. Anderson is board certified and specializes in the treatment of all foot and ankle conditions.  She sees patients on a weekly basis at the Phoebe Allentown Campus and sees patients in private practice at Allentown Family Foot Care at 1622 North 26th Street Allentown, PA 18104.


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