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Staff Education

Culture Change
Phoebe’s investment in Culture Change is about moving the facility away from the bureaucratic regimented style of management that exists in most nursing homes.

Facilities that have gone through Culture Change have found it integral in building community, increasing worker and resident satisfaction, and improving the home-like atmosphere of their skilled nursing and Personal Care communities.

General Orientation
Phoebe provides 16 hours of general orientation to ensure we are meeting all state and federal regulations. In addition to covering required information, we discuss the history and mission of Phoebe in order for new employees to understand the culture of our organization. Staff Development utilizes three instructors during this orientation period, each of who have been with Phoebe for over 7 years. The two-day orientation is fun and interactive. Activities include a tour of the facilities, discharging the fire extinguishers, back school, black light testing to ensure proper hand washing technique and use of the blood spill kit. General orientation is a casual environment that welcomes questions and examples of previous experiences.

On-Going Staff Education
Staff development is a vital part of our organization. Phoebe believes it is crucial for our employees to be up to date on changes in nursing care, computer training, corporate compliance, and many other areas.

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