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Donor Testimonials


Ann A. and Frederick E. Blumer
Ann and Fred Blumer moved to Phoebe Berks Village in 2009. Since then, they’ve graciously provided meaningful philanthropic support to Phoebe Ministries.

“We support Phoebe not just because of services provided but because Phoebe is expertly managed. Gifts to Phoebe simply go farther. Phoebe doesn’t boast about serving those who suffer. Phoebe simply serves… and we lend a helping hand.”

– Ann & Frederick


National Penn Investors Trust Company (NPITC)
In addition to providing investment services and endowment management to Phoebe, National Penn Investors Trust Company (NPITC) donates regularly to Phoebe’s mission. Its officers also serve as volunteers on Phoebe’s Governing Board and lead special event fundraisers for charitable care.

“Our commitment of time and contributions to Phoebe Ministries stems from our high regard for Phoebe’s mission and staff, as well as confidence in the leadership of Phoebe to serve as strong and able stewards of our support.”

– James D. King, President & Chief Investment Officer


Arlan P. Dohrenburg
Arlan Dohrenburg’s desire to honor his mother’s memory and support the institution that cared for her during the last decade of her life guided him to arrange monthly gifts to Phoebe Ministries.

“I feel it’s important to make charitable gifts to Phoebe a part of my monthly budget. It’s a wonderful way to honor my mother and express my gratitude to Phoebe.”

– Arlan


Veronica “Ronnie” Backenstoe
Ronnie, a resident of Phoebe Berks, has generously supported Phoebe Ministries for many years.

“Phoebe enhances the lives of residents through spiritual support as well as a variety of activities and cultural program offerings. This is representative of the integration of Phoebe’s Faith-in-Action Values. I am happy to support the services provided and help to continue the excellent management of all Phoebe communities.”

– Ronnie

Miller Moran

Joan Miller Moran & Alice Anne Miller
In 1903, Joan Miller Moran’s and Alice Anne Miller’s grandfather, David A. Miller, was intimately involved in the formative years of Phoebe Ministries. Today, the two sisters honor their grandfather’s legacy by donating regularly to Phoebe’s mission and ministry.

“We support Phoebe Ministries because we believe in the vision our grandfather had so long ago. We can see how far Phoebe Ministries has come, and we trust that it will continue to grow and provide the same loving care it always has.”

– Joan & Alice


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