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Mind Body Spirit Food at Phoebe Berks

Phoebe Berks offers a campus designed for longevity and believes in a holistic approach to life and wellness, integrating the “whole person” wellness concept into everything we do. Life at Phoebe Berks challenges our residents to proactively look at their futures with eagerness for what is to come. We provide the tools, guidance, and options to help our residents live well, be well, and love life.

Our staff works with each resident at Phoebe Berks Village to design a life-enriching plan that includes a myriad of options to nourish social, physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of well-being.

Mind Body Spirit Food Lifestyle at Phoebe Offers:

  • Fitness
    • 43 group classes each week
    • Walking groups, both trail and community
    • Tai Chi
  • Social
    • Darts, Wii Bowling, Billiards, Card Games
    • Knitters Club
    • Book Club
    • Genealogy Club
    • Movie Nights
    • Gardening Club
    • Summer nights on the Boardwalk
  • Spiritual Life
    • Caregiver Support Group
    • Bible Study
    • Spiritual Life Committee
    • Trips to Local Faith Communities
    • Meditation Groups
    • FIA (Faith In Action) Value of the Month Discussion Group
  • Food
    • Multiple dining options: Bistro, pop-up kitchen, outdoor options (pet-friendly), formal dining, coffee shop, private dining, catering, chef’s table, pub/bar
    • Farm to Table/Local Delivery
    • Wine/Beer/Food Tasting
    • Exhibition Cooking
    • Canning/Preserves
    • Cooking Classes
    • Nutrition Education
    • Seasonal Menus
    • Food Events

To learn more about the many possibilities that await you at Phoebe Berks, call 610-927-8551.


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